The strange belief in the “power” of the inferior class…

Dublin Call Girl discusses the bizarre myth that prostitutes really have the power in their transactions.

A girl is exploited because she has been damaged by previous abuse, because she needs the money so badly, because if she doesn’t her family might get hurt, because she needs drugs etc etc. Not because she really really wants to have sex. There is zero exploitation of the punter happening. Just because you’re so weak that you’d pay for sex rather than have a look at why you’re paying for sex, does not mean that the escort is exploiting your hard-on. GIve me a fucking break. Men are so fucking entitled sometimes. They’ve bothered to give you their attention or money! You should be grateful! You should be take a sleazy remark from a passing car as a compliment, as you should also take a slimy comment in the review as a compliment! You should be grateful that this man wants to pay you to fuck you hard in the mouth! He picked you! Appreciate it.


Is a hotel maid the one with the power when she’s cleaning a hotel room? She’s providing a service isn’t she? So how come she is seen as being subservient? Why don’t we say that she is the one exploiting the hotel guests? They want a clean room don’t they? They need a clean room don’t they? Why don’t we say it? Because it is an insane theory, and it goes for prostitution as well.

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