tnt666 on the connection between hierarchies…

tnt666 posted this comment on a recent entry, and I thought I should share it because it’s very good. Natalism, capitalism, patriarchy, are all connected.

Biologically, Homo sapiens has not evolved for monogamy and full time maternity. That some females mother, that’s biology, that ALL females pump out cheap labour peons through uterine slavery, that’s patriarchy. Homo sapiens are biologically ready for adult lifestyle after puberty, but we impose infancy now into the 30s… while we impose life into decades of cement hospice living. This insistence on longevity as a guarantor of quality of life is in fact a guarantor of pharmaceutical revenues, that’s patriarchy.

The nuclear-pa-ma-child-as-capitalist-peon, that’s patriarchy. To give offspring to be raised by industry, that’s patriarchy. To deny offspring lactation is patriarchy. A practice rendered popular by missionaries serving patriarchy/capital prohibiting lactation beyond a few months. Thereby creating statistically sickly children, with deficient immunity and psychotic lack of autonomy, that is patriarchy at its finest. The perfect capitalistic peon. A designer slave. Lo and behold an individual might think autonomously, and be autonomous from government aid for the mere act of living. No capitalism needs workers who are medical and emotional slaves, loved/raised by a monetary and pharmaceutical system.

To extirpate ourselves from patriarchy/religion/capital, we must start by extirpating ourselves from the production system, contractual-monogamy/monetary/uterine. To distance oneself from patriarchy/religion/capitalism, we must brush aside religious values and patriarchal culture and reunite with ourselves as biological evolved living beings, come back to the science of life, instead of the delusion of culture and civilisation.

Let us make less babies, but let’s give them the gift of autonomy, physical and mental autonomous health.
I also knew by puberty there was no way I was going to add yet another human to this planet. We are plentiful, no mammal is more numerous than we. Do not other life forms also have any claim to a decent existence?


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