A book review of “And Hell Followed With Her”

The Cranky Sociologists published a review of a book called “And Hell Followed With Her,” which concerns the Minutemen movement in the United States, private citizens who patrol the border with Mexico to attack immigrants. They make a lot of good points in there about the ideology itself as well as the failure of the media and the powers that be to address the problem or even see it as a problem.

And the underlying ideology for these movements is always the same as well: the United States is being invaded by hordes of non-White savages from the Third World, who commit all sorts of unspeakable crime and bring medieval disease to this country, and it is up to white men with guns to protect and reclaim it. These movements perfectly fit Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities as members of these movements are linked together through series of myths and made-up stories that reinforce the ideology and are now easily circulated through the Internet.

The fear of uncontrolled immigration has long been a topic of concern for militia, christian identity, white supremacist movements in the Pacific Northwest, and in the border states in the Southwest. These are the same people who believe in black helicopters, New World Order, and la Reconquista. they would fit Adorno’s Authoritarian Personality typology.

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