Comparing patriarchal thinking with abuse tactics.

Radsis argues that the tactics that abusers use are reflected in the Patriarchal worldview.

“Abusers deprive their victims of social interaction with family members and friends. This is necessary to gain control over the victim.”
Women are made to believe that they don’t get along with other women, because they are “catty” and “bitches”. It’s almost a sign of prestige to not get along with other women, because it shows that you’re not “as bad as them”.
Such, women are isolated, thinking that they do not relate to each other and thus have fewer opportunities to realize how much they have in common, especially when it comes to their struggles as women…

“Gaslighting is a slang term from the 1950’s but is the perfect word to describe one tactic of the abuser. The dictionary definition of gaslighting is to drive someone crazy. This is used to keep the abuser’s victim under control. The abuser will swear that events never occurred and that certain things were never said. The victim knows better, but over time will begin to question their sanity. Be alert to gaslighting tactics that can beat you down and make you think you are going insane.”
Gaslighting takes place when women are told that the sexual abuse they’ve experienced wasn’t actually abuse, but something they’ve either made up, deliberately lied about or have gotten wrong. It’s a constant pattern in discussions about rape, harassment and abuse, with many women having experienced similar things being said to them.
There are even organizations like the False Rape Society trying to “prove” that women are lying about their rape and that there’s a “false rape epidemic”.

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