Are trans activists afraid of radfems?

I don’t know, but that’s what aunty orthodox posits in this entry.

Why are they afraid of radical feminists? They rightfully fear for what place they would hold in society if the world discontinued the courtesy of treating transgender women like women. And so transgender activists support the system of gender because it also supports their fragile sense of identity. It helps them keep themselves together.

But gender is a system of sex stereotypes. Gender tells girls they can’t do math, rule a country, and that girls are ugly unless they wear makeup and primp. Gender is what tells girls that their main role in life is to be in the service of men. That is gender. That’s what transgender activists are defending.

Tonight transgender activists are celebrating that yet another radical feminist meeting has been denied access to its scheduled venue. They are celebrating that the only women in the world who are trying to end the system of sex stereotyping, the patriarchal system of gender, have been defeated once again.

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