deals with the concept of “happiness.”

Optimists and natalists like to harp on the concept of happiness as the cornerstone of their objections to our attacks., on the other hand, provides a more historically grounded and cynical look at this concept of “happiness.”

As it turns out, the human brain is equipped with “hedonic set points” which not only establish where our base mood is (optimistic, pessimistic or indifferent); but also adapts rather quickly to our surroundings and returns to our base frame of mind. Basically, we all have a built-in buzzkill app.

In 1978, a research group studied lottery winners, regular assholes and those who had suffered injuries rendering them paraplegic or quadriplegic. All groups reported a similar number of good days versus bad days, with no clear victor in the happiness race.

On the bright side, these studies show that people adapt better than they think they would to devastating situations. The triumph of the human spirit, etc. But on the flip side, if you’re completely miserable now, achieving your goals will probably only result in a slight surge on the happiness meter and then you’ll be right back to your crotchety old self.

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