The myth that ancient man kidnapped and raped to prevent incest.

I can’t seem to be able to save this one in the correct format, so you’ll have to click here to see the image from airagorncharda’s DeviantArt. It’s definitely worth the click.

2 thoughts on “The myth that ancient man kidnapped and raped to prevent incest.

  1. pantypopo April 26, 2014 at 01:59

    His conclusion that this scenario somehow validates that current society did not evolve from a misogynistic culture is inaccurate. After all, what is rape & kidnapping of females if not misogyny?

    1) females are kicked out of their families and chased off to find shelter with another group. I am sure from birth these females are seen as a non-productive asset for the family group. Probably get smaller shares of food, tasked with performing higher risk chores within the group – increasing their likelihood of disease, injury or death. Certainly the family did not invest in the females as it was known from birth that they would be leaving and adding any little intrinsic value they might possess to another related/competing group.

    2) IF the exiled female fits into that group, she has a new home. IF she doesn’t fit, she is exiled a second time. Repeat as necessary. Or die in the wilds alone. I’m curious, how does he imagine her “fit” is determined? Surely the primary reason to take low-power females into your family is to breed more high-power males, in which case, I assume sexual relations are engaged in order to prove fertility (is this rape, survival sex or prostitution?)

    3) Power within any given family and within related/competing family groups is measured by the number of males that family retains. Males=Power. Power is handed down through male offspring. Sounds suspiciously like Patriarchy to me.

    4) not addressed in his cartoon: what happens in those power families when related/competing groups, for whatever reason, don’t produce enough females to send over to your growing Patriarchy? You have a large and increasing male population, maturing with a drive to sexually reproduce, but not enough females to go around. What happens then?

    And he calls himself a feminist.

  2. Parsifal April 28, 2014 at 12:46

    The ancient (as in hominid era) man no, the Antiquity man yes. Myth or no myth, there are lots of wars in Antiquity because of women (as a cause, not as a fault). I could say that rape might be the only virtue of the war. I can think of no other…

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