John Frame’s ethical depravity.

The ethical depravity of fundamentalist Christians is astounding in its depth and perversity. I have often remarked that there seems to be nothing harder than convincing a Bible believer that slavery is wrong. The story of Abraham and Isaac is another good one; in this entry, Bahnsen Burner looks at John Frame’s pathetic attempt at explaining the Abraham and Isaac story.

Frame admits that the bible does not “explain… how it works” when it comes to how one “knows” what his god wants to communicate to men, and yet he is a representative of an apologetic program which says that “only the Christian worldview can account for human knowledge.” Indeed, this is the same apologetic program which encourages its practitioners to repeat the question “How do you know that?” in reaction to virtually everything a non-believer says. This strikes me as simply hypocritical on the apologists’ part…

As many apologists do when pressed on a matter they are called to explain, Frame makes an appeal to “mystery,” saying specifically: “Mysterious though the process may be, somehow God illumines the human mind to discern the divine source of the Word.” Then John Frame should be able to “illumine” us if he has been so “illumined.” But John Frame doesn’t illumine us or anyone else. He’s essentially affirming an epistemology of “we just know” without explaining, understanding or knowing how one allegedly comes to what is called “knowledge.” He’s no answering the question “How do you know that?”

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