What is the rape culture?

Ghosthelwig explains what the rape culture is.

Rape culture is in the way even my mother, progressive as she is, says a certain young female celebrity who dresses provocatively is dressing “slutty.” Rape culture is when there is more concern for males accused of rape than the women who’ve been raped. Rape culture is when it turns out a certain male athlete was convicted of rape and no one gives a damn. He still gets all the endorsements.

Rape culture is what happens when marriage starts as the exchange of female “property” (which it did), and while the definition changed, the reality is still catching up. Rape culture is when a woman gets a promotion, and even it’s not said aloud (though it usually is), both her male and female coworkers wonder and joke about who she had to sleep with to get it. Rape culture is rape being trivialized, it’s rape used as a metaphor for something else (“these prices are raping my wallet,”), it’s rape being the first suggestion made when a woman makes herself known in a male-dominated arena online (hello, online gaming).

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