The FBI can spy on you through your laptop.

Or so says Gizmodo. Also, I love the comments section:

I am amused by people today who are all OMG THEY’RE SNOOPING. Anyone who lived through the J. Edgar Hoover years has heard it all before. Just because they didn’t have today’s technology doesn’t mean they weren’t doing exactly the same thing. When I was in college everyone assumed their phones were tapped and none of us said ANYTHING that might attract attention from the FBI on the phone.

Well gee.

2 thoughts on “The FBI can spy on you through your laptop.

  1. The Laughable Cheese July 15, 2014 at 12:04

    yeah I agree. I think yes they are spying on everyone. But also they are wasting enormous amounts of money doing it. And there would be no way they’d ever get away with a large scale cracking down on everyone who breaks a law. It would case outrage. So instead they have it so if there is someone they don’t like and want to take down they can. Also people who hide from the media outlets so as not to get spied on are probably more suspicious then the average person doing whatever they generally do.

  2. The Laughable Cheese July 15, 2014 at 12:07

    That is a good point about the times with J. Edgar Hoover, back then was the communist scare and no one was allowed to breathe anything suspicious otherwise they’d be in serious trouble. In a lot of ways we are better off now because people can say whatever they want and people can go on the internet and search out and find the truth of almost anything. It used to be that the only real way to get information was through the traditional media, the news on the tv or the newspaper. If there was fraud going on it was a lot harder to figure it out.

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