MRA, by W.F. Prissy

A thrilling book series in three volumes by famous Men’s Rights Activist W.F. Prissy! GASP as women assert their rights! CRY as men get falsely accused of rape and see their lives ruined in front of their eyes! LAUGH when our strong male heroes win the day!

MRA volume 1: The Walls Have Female Eyes
In a world dominated by a Matriarchy which silences men, refuses to grant them rights and forces them to license themselves as alpha, beta or gamma males, a small group of handsome and suave operatives go around killing women who make rape accusations against poor innocent men, ruining their lives in a way that no rape victim could ever understand. But Operative Elam is compromised when he falls in love with his target and tries to convince her to join the Ladykillers. Can Elam escape from a matriarchal manhunt with his life?

MRA volume 2: The Man In The High Castle
After Elam discovers the Prime Operator, the shadow leader of his matriarchal society (because women cannot actually run anything), he convinces this leader to join the Ladykiller cause. But the women are aware of his treachery and are ready to neutralize him. Can a small ragtag group of males outwit an entire matriarchal society? (probably, since men are the bestest y’all)

MRA volume 3: Return To The Natural State
The defection of the Prime Operator has cast the matriarchal society into chaos. The Ladykillers must take control of a television station and broadcast their message of misogyny and return to “natural” values. Features a 300-page speech by Operator Elam establishing the “masculinist” ideology, all the way from first principles to specific articles of clothing that should be permitted or forbidden. Everything ends well as men rise up, beat up their wives, and regain control of society forever and ever, as it should be. A gloriously tedious end to this insipid and imbecilic trilogy.

“Gentlemen, you must be aware of the fundamental principle of reality: that A is A, that a thing cannot be itself and not itself. A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. Men are naturally made to dominate women, as history has proven: whenever women take power and oppress men as they have today, the fall of that civilization is sure to follow. The high status of those Arab and African cultures where women are the most oppressed is an excellent case in point. One day, we may be able to raise ourselves to their level, but we will only be able to do so on the basis of male ingenuity and go-getting.”

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  1. Heretic July 28, 2014 at 17:19

    *cue “girls were girls and men were men*”

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