Why I Think Jesus Didn’t Exist: A Historian Explains the Evidence

One thought on “Why I Think Jesus Didn’t Exist: A Historian Explains the Evidence

  1. Heretic August 1, 2014 at 23:19

    Great video!

    I think Jesus was a myth cobbled from a bunch of other preceding myths. This video is pretty valuable, because Christians are forbidden to be skeptical or question anything in their dogmas. This is a theme in many other religions, too, which I hate. For example, a number of neopagan men believe in the idea of “sacred prostitution” in ancient Greece and earlier (of course, they’re also sex industry advocates). They enjoy putting prostitution on some “holy” level as a sacred cow that is above reproach, so for women near them it means they’re a whore if they believe it and a whore anyway if they don’t. Most of the women in ancient Greece were slaves or prostitutes!

    The Hellenism spoken of here is interesting, because it is the basis of Western culture (including the views of the Greek philosophers which influenced sexologists). Probably one of the biggest things monotheistic/Abrahamic patriarchy did was take the reproductive and creative powers of the female and attributed them wholly to the male as a self-creating god. The Spermo-Gnostic view heavily influenced Christianity and persists in the Western Mystery Tradition today with the male as the active/assertive/rational/masculine force of substance, representing the Logos, with the female as the body/sex and sexuality/emotionalism and irrationality/feminine/nurturing/receptive/passive that simply gives form to the male substance. As Mary Daly said: “If the god is male, the male is god.”

    It’s pathetic that followers insist on supporting their myths with pseudo-historical data as an attempt to legitimize them as literal fact or truth rather than metaphors. If they are unable to do this or are debunked then they will lose some followers. Others will continue in their blind faith anyway, but still – videos like this introduce doubt into Christians’ minds.

    Also, fuck anyone who says non-followers of a religion have no right to criticize it, or “He’s a historian, not a theologist! Teh academics are ruining our religion!” Many atheists and other non-followers were raised religious, or otherwise grew up in a culture where they were exposed to religion. People have every right to criticize a religion they left, or one which they decided not to convert to (and explain why).

    If religions are so weak that they are harmed at the least bit of criticism, let them be ruined.

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