A White History Month is not such a bad idea…

… if it taught the important things, as listed by abagond.

2 thoughts on “A White History Month is not such a bad idea…

  1. Independent Radical August 8, 2014 at 01:42 Reply

    I never liked the idea of months or days dedicated to particular groups. It implies that there is some parallel “black reality” or “women’s reality” that existed seperately from what white men were doing at any given time. In reality, so-called “white male” history is actually a history that includes women and non-whites. Abagond’s list clearly show this, but historical events are taught as if they were all about white men.

    Confining discussions of gender and race to a particular month/week/day prevents people from truely understanding history. You cannot understand a society like Nazi Germany or Francoist Spain without understanding how such societies promoted racism and adherence to traditional gender norms. The fascistic notions that people ought to be tough, aggressive, ruthless, hateful towards the weak and conform to their socially designated role within a hierarchial system resemble the kinds of behaviours that we promote to males in our society as “masculinity”.

    My school never had a black history month or anything similar to that, but at university I encountered a lecturer who complained about the way in which conventional historical accounts place undue emphasis on white males. I thought he would be cool, but he turned out to be an identity politics spouting liberal. It seems what such liberals want is more discussion of how “empowered” some individual black person or woman was and how much he or she as individual contributed to our society. That’s not really what we need and I get the feeling that is what black history month is like (although like I said, I have never had one.)

    What we need is more discussion of how blacks and women have been oppressed without history and it needs to be tied in with a general account of history, not treated like it is seperate and of course the discussion needs to be focussed on groups, rather than how awesome and important some individual is (even if the individual is black or female.) It is also important to talk about acts of resistance by oppressed masses. Real acts of resistance that actually pose a threat to the oppressive order, not the nonsense that liberals regard as “empowering” or “subversive” or whatever.

  2. Heretic August 8, 2014 at 06:18 Reply

    We already have white history, all the time, everywhere, it’s just taught to favor white people and downplay their atrocities. If it wasn’t, and also included women’s and black history then women and minorities wouldn’t need to take separate courses or desperately search for a more inclusive version.

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