An Anarchist mayor omg

Here’s an interesting interview with the anarchist mayor of Reykjavik from June 2000 to June 2014, although the interviewer seems rather disoriented about it.

Gnarr started our conversation describing himself as a philosopher anarchist, bored with the restrictions on anarchy. “An anarchist has become someone who criticises from the safety of his own home, preferably behind his apple computer, it’s getting so boring,” he says. “Best party is anarchists trying to have fun, throwing flowers instead of stones and bricks. “

But he is quick to bat away the suggestion that the Best Party is little more than a protest party, which won the election solely because of Reykjavik’s dissatisfaction with its ruling elite. “It would be easy to dismiss it as a protest, or disqualify the Best Party as a popular idea, but it’s not that either. We have been here now for 1023 days from the six that got elected nobody has quit. Protest parties dissolve after elections, but still it’s not a political party we don’t have membership, an agenda or a manifesto.”

The Best Party fills a gap left by traditional politics, he suggests. “[L]ike so many people I have stood aside, said something sarcastic on Facebook, being the anarchist criticising from the safety of my own living room…” He trails off and picks up his tea, in a tone of outrage he says: “All my English friends put milk in their tea, without even asking.”

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