The Propaganda System

Anxiety Culture is a great site analyzing the creation of anxiety, guilt and desire to work in our culture. This article details the propaganda system that serves to make the individual feel affinity with power and share in its premises.

Or, when Blair says: “The bombing is unfortunate, but it’s necessary”, most people probably fill in the gap by projecting their own understanding of what “necessary” means. Alternatively, we can resist this “hypnotism” by asking: “According to whose criteria is it necessary? By what standard is it necessary?” We’d then be attempting to obtain a more accurate map of the territory, rather than “lazily” falling back on our preconceived maps.

(Many people naively think that by disliking or disagreeing with someone like Blair, they are immune to his propaganda. But effective propaganda already takes “disagreement” into account. Better to “deconstruct” than disagree.)

It only takes a slight change in focus to shift from an essentially passive, hypnotised state (hypnotised by your own reactions to language), to an active, semantically discriminating state. No work or effort, just a little knowledge and paying attention.

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