Men are sex offenders.

In the area of sexuality, this fact was acknowledged with no recognition of its significance by the scholars of the Institute for Sex Research (the Kinsey Institute) who studied sex offenders:

“If we labeled all punishable sexual behavior as a sex offense, we would find ourselves in the ridiculous situation of having all of our male histories consist almost wholly of sex offenders, the remaining few being not only nonoffenders but nonconformists. The man who kisses a girl [sic] in defiance of her expressed wishes is committing a forced sexual relationship and is liable to an assault charge, but to solemnly label him a sex offender would be to reduce our study to a ludicrous level.”

Rather than “reduce [their] study to a ludicrous level,” which would be unthinkable, the honorable scientists chose to sanction as normative the male commitment to the use of force documented by their study.

One thought on “Men are sex offenders.

  1. ellahawthorne100 September 23, 2014 at 06:56 Reply

    I think that kind of sums up the average anti-feminist and sex-pozzer. It’s not useful to label all men as sex offenders even if they’re all using force, so we just label the use of force as “normal.” What radical feminists do is unrelentingly label the use of force as abuse, even though it creates a situation where a large number of men are abusers. That’s why we’re hated. But people should be hating the abuse and the system that allows it, not the feminists.

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