A Former Therapist’s Critique of Psychotherapy: Daniel Mackler Speaks

2 thoughts on “A Former Therapist’s Critique of Psychotherapy: Daniel Mackler Speaks

  1. I REMEMBERED REALITY November 3, 2014 at 11:27 Reply

    I watched the first 15 minutes. :) This guy is right on. What he says his consistent with my view that only a tiny minority of “therapists” have the innate talent and ability and “gift” to be able to work with people in this way. In archaic societies such people fill the role of shaman.

    Also, I completely agree that most of us have the power to heal ourselves, if we would take the time and space to really engage with our histories and our lives. In my recent “de-transitioning,” everyone insisted that I go find a therapist, my childhood was so messed up, my current situation was so intense, I was crying so much, etc. However, I felt that I was making really good progress in doing this work on my own. It’s true that I was having hard times and crying vigorously every day for several months, but I also understood this to be part of my process and knew that this experience was necessary. No matter how much I regretted my poor decisions before, I had to remember and re-learn how to trust myself and become strong again. This was a difficult process but a really empowering one. I’m very glad I “came back home to myself” on my own.

    In their blithe affirmations and validations of my so-called “gender identity,” therapists only ever enabled my delusional thinking to manifest in reality. I would perhaps have more respect for a therapist who said “you are wrong about this, let’s work on helping you understand that being male is fine for you.” None said that to me.

    “Against Therapy” by Jeffrey M. Masson is a book worth reading.

  2. Heretic November 3, 2014 at 17:41 Reply

    Wow, this was definitely worth the whole listen. I myself came to many of the same conclusions he did – the fact that we can do our own healing, the belief that one *needs* therapy is often about being unable to start the process of self-introspection or to learn how to trust one’s own instincts and intution, many therapists want the patients to be forever codependent and give their money, the basis of trauma in childhood and bad parenting, the harm of diagnostic labels and psychiatric drugs. However, it’s really good that all this is coming from someone who was a therapist himself.

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