Empowering Women Through Sex, by Stone Thicke.

In search of the fabled “feminist porn” that libfems constantly refer to, I’ve discovered a series of pornographic movies made by director Stone Thicke, called Empowering Women Through Sex.

TRIGGER WARNING: These descriptions include explicit sex acts.

Empowering Women Through Sex I
A woman tells her friend on the phone that, despite her recent law degree, she has decided to become a highly-paid escort. Her friend approves of her sexual empowerment. After hanging up, she advertises her escort services on Craigslist. She gets her first customer, who invites her to a fine restaurant. She puts on her sexiest dress and accessories, and waits for him to pick her up. He is an older gentleman who, she finds out, has been a lawyer for thirty years. They have a scintillating conversation and a five-star meal, after which they go back to his mansion, where he forces her to have anal sex and then punches her in the gut.

Empowering Women Through Sex II
A pizza guy drives up to a sumptuous residence. He rings the doorbell and a beautiful woman answers. She pays for the pizza, and the pizza guy asks if he can have a glass of water. She lets him inside the residence, which is spacious and well furnished in a modern style. The pizza guy asks her about her work, and finds out that she is the president of a non-profit organization that provides meals for poor people in more than 200 urban centers in the United States, and she had to order a pizza because she was too busy to cook for herself that evening. He compliments her for being so successful, and she graciously accept it. After giving him a glass of water, she shows him down to her sex dungeon, where he flogs her and then cums on her face.

Empowering Women Through Sex III
A female boss summons her male secretary to her office. She tells him that his performance at work has been less than satisfactory and that he has often been late. He protests, but it seems his boss’ mind has been made up. He comes up to her and asks her if there’s anything he can do to keep his job. His boss offers to cut his pay. He asks if there’s anything at all he could do for her, takes off his tie and dress shirt, and kneels in front of her legs. She not only fires him, but sues him for sexual harassment.

We can see with the third installment that the series was taking a quite different turn, and the idea just wasn’t that viable to begin with. Still, we have to congratulate Stone Thicke for doing what we thought was impossible: make truly feminist pornography. He is a true hero of this, or any, generation.

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4 thoughts on “Empowering Women Through Sex, by Stone Thicke.

  1. Independent Radical December 10, 2014 at 01:09

    In any other context, leftists would dismisses these narratives as bourgeoisie, since they clearly centre on the lives of successful people. The third one in particular encourages the mistreatment of workers. Out of curiousity, does the third one feature actual sex acts, you have not described any. If not, it cannot really be referred to as pornography can it?

    Of course none of these videos can be considered feminist, because none of them feature human beings treating one another as equals. There are clear power dynamics in each of those narratives, although I must ask whether these descriptions come from the videos creators or whether they are your descriptions. Do the creators of these videos seriously think that encouraging people to masturbate to images of a woman being “forced” to do anything is feminist? I know they think that a sex act can be empowering, no matter how violent or degrading it is, so long as it is consensual, but they at least claim to recognise that it is wrong to “force” women into such things.

    • Francois Tremblay December 10, 2014 at 01:44

      Sorry IR, I guess my humor was insufficiently broad (no pun intended). Like my book series, this is entirely fictional for the purposes of satire. I was trying to imagine what “liberal feminist empowerment” porn might look like: a juxtaposition of women with power with the inherent powerlessness of pornographic sexual acts.

      • Independent Radical December 10, 2014 at 02:13

        LOL, I guess liberal feminists and their notion of “feminist pornography” is so ridiculous it parodies itself. This is, for the most, part an accurate description of what liberals would consider “feminist”.

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