Quotes from “Race Traitor.”

Race Traitor was a magazine on race issues which unfortunately seems to have ended publication in 2005. The book Race Traitor is a compilation of some of their best articles, including pieces on race theory, personal experiences, and world events.


I would suggest that multi-cultural education is a project of defeat. Those who are in the forefront of efforts to multi-culturalize the curriculum are, often enough, intellectual and personal products of the upsurge of the 196t0s. But they have abandoned hope in the utopian desire of the 1960s and have substituted, for that desire, the social/political/educational equivalent of managed care…

The multi-culturalist vision has a limited social goal- people should learn to live and let live. But what the proponents of the multi-culturalist creed often overlook is that in America living and letting live is premised on a continued complicity with the reproduction of race distinctions.


The struggle for wilderness is inseparable from the struggle for a free society, which is inseparable from the struggle against racism, whiteness, and imperialism, which is inseparable from the struggle for the liberation of women, which is inseparable from the struggle for sexual freedom, which is inseparable from the struggle to emancipate labor and abolish work, which is inseparable from the struggle against war, which is inseparable from the struggle to live poetic lives and, more generally, to do as we please.


The distrust of whites is only natural: anti-white sentiment is not so much prejudice or ‘reverse racism’ as it is a justified historical distrust of whites. Even when whites abandon white privilege it is always temporary or, as in the case of [Steven] Cole, fatal. Throughout almost every moment in history, we whites always eventually grab our white privilege back. As the Black guy on the bus told me a few weeks earlier, ‘I bet you’re just like all white people, nice to me now, but you’ll soon turn around and stab me in the back.’ The problem, of course, is not attitudes like that, because whites have given people of color in America no reason to feel any differently. The problem is whiteness and white privilege, and the task is to destroy it.


Defenders of white blues are often proponents of “color-blindness” as the ultimate weapon of anti-racism, but many of these color-blind whites are really resisting the importance of consciousness of race and race matters, with all the nagging reminders of racism contained therein. They believe that by refusing to use race as a criterion for anything, they are being the ultimate non-racists, but they are actually blinding themselves to the complexity of racial issues.


Race Traitor believes that the main target of those who seek to eradicate the color line should be the institutions and behaviors that maintain it: the schools, the criminal justice and welfare systems, the employers and unions, and the family. In this we stand with the original Abolitionists, who never tired of pointing out that the problem was not the slaveholders of Carolina, but the loyal citizens of Massachusetts.

Race Traitor, edited by Noel Ignatiev and John Garvey

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