Ask a Question 9

All right, two new questions.


Name: naer
Comment: Was a big fan of your helbound allee show. Whatever happened to it?

The Hellbound Alleee Show was a podcast that my wife and I did. It lasted quite a long time, but eventually we just ran out of steam. Unfortunately the archives are now gone. Alleee has gone on to do Mondo Diablo. I’m not doing anything, insofar as podcasts go.


Name: Sophie
Comment: Hello. I first came to your blog a few months ago and I’ve got questions.

Isn’t forced sterilization totalitarian and therefore immoral?

If someone believes that procreation is immoral they shouldn’t procreate. But what right do they have to impose their morality on others?

Only a small minority of people regret being born. Why should everyone be sterilized because only a few people will create children who will regret being born?

Forced sterilization used as an ethnic, racial or classist weapon is clearly immoral, I would think, and that’s exclusively how it’s been used. And frankly I don’t see any government using it any other way.

Your second question is very silly. We always impose our morality on others, and we could hardly live in society without it. We definitely do want to tell people they’re not permitted to kill or harm us, steal from us, and so on. Any indignation at someone trying to impose their morality on others is disingenuous.

That being said, you seem to think I am advocating sterilizing everyone by force. I’m pretty sure I never said that, because it’s an unrealistic idea and it’s also a coercive course of action that would itself cause a lot of suffering. Since the end goal here is to cause less suffering, that would seem counter-productive to say the least.

That also answers your last question, although you seem to be veering into the “everyone’s happy so why be against life?” nonsense. As I’ve pointed out before, this argument doesn’t touch on antinatalism in the slightest, because antinatalism is about not starting new lives, not about existing lives being regrettable. The fact that you are alive as a biological organism means that you constantly have reasons to want to stay alive. It is only natural that few people regret being alive. I certainly don’t regret my life, but so what? That doesn’t prove anything.

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