Stupid Things White People Say

Here is a short list of great quotes from comments on this entry. Have I learned something about myself? Hell yea. And that’s not even including the comments I trashed, some of which were long, incredible rants about how racist and evil I am.

So what have I learned?

1. I’m racist because I notice racism.

“Could it be that the people that notice are rascist? Is there any possibility that someone who didnt see the world from a bigoted point of view see racism?”

“So was Nina Simone a racist?
To me it’s a song celebrating diversity – we find what we look for…”

“Well there is a general sense that the average person who doesn’t speak Chinese may not understand that I Ching and Change and ding dang are entirely innocuous terms. People with racist proclivities will hear what they want to hear.”

2. Apparently everyone who watches a television ad that has a song in it immediately does research on the song and what it means, so I should have assumed all that information when analyzing a television ad.

“You didn’t even research the song.”

“So glad someone commented about the actual meaning of the words. Why didn’t the poster who started this article do the research.”

“Anyone who takes 15 seconds to look up the origin of the song, it makes no logical sense that it’s racist.”

3. Nina Simone was black, therefore the advertisement (which she had nothing to do with) is not racist.

“I can definitely at least point out Nina Simone never would have intended for the song to be taken as racist, but rather the opposite.”

“All you haters out there claiming this is a racist song: I have attached a file showing the song writer, Nina Simone performing this song. She wrote it in 1982. By the way, Nina and her band are all black. So, yeah, this is a very racist song.”

4. Apparently everyone who watches a television ad understands Chinese.

“Ding dang I do believe means certainly in chinese.”

“定 当, or “ching chang” means “certainly” in Chinese. You can basically take it to mean the same thing as “fo’ sho’.””

5. It’s not racism (or it’s not important) if it’s not done against black people.

“Start with white folks wanting to use the “n” word just because hip hoppers are too stupid to stop using it…that’s your racism…”

“Darling it’s only racism if it’s pertaining to African Americans…”

6. I have huge personal failings compared to Martin Luther King.

“Also, all that cussing makes you sound like a trailer trash drug whore, not a blogger trying to raise awareness. Your “style” isn’t the way MLK did his thing, now is it?”

7. Apparently I’m white and I’m deciding what racism is and what it is not. (I thought that issue was pretty well settled, but seems not)

“I don’t think Nina Simone would feel it was racist, let me guess your white? I wish white folks would stop deciding what is racist and what is not and let the people effected by actual racism be the judge of that.”

8. Hello white entitlement.

“I’m tired of hearing/reading “whitey”, “cracker”, that I’m racist simply for being born white, or that I have “white privilege” because I was born white. Who’s prepared to write a blog about Chris rock and his stereotypes against all races, that he makes millions off of? Whatever other comedian, musician, or entertainer that makes money off of making fun of people, just because of how/where they are born? My point is that, people aren going to take this seriously, while you ignore all of the other BLATANT forms of racism being committed every single day. Scholarships for specific races ONLY, groups for specific races ONLY, separate but equal as long as blacks and Latinos are treated special because of their “oppression”. Are we now oppressing whites to punish them for something they didn’t do? There would be no outcry of racism like the one we would get if we formed a peaceful, whites only group (such as the NAACP) or provided a scholarship that only white people have access to. Whites are literally denied access to certain scholarships because of their race, and that is ok?? I just don’t understand raging against a commercial, when there are so many more important things you could rage about.”

9. And the prize for the whitest thing anyone wrote:

“I love this song and don’t see it as even slightly racist. I think we all need to remove the race card and just enjoy the song. After all, color IS a beautiful thing. Black IS beautiful, so is red, yellow, white and all the other colors of the earth that we were all created from. Why don’t we all just take the racist idea and throw it out and just enjoy the song from a very talented lady”

4 thoughts on “Stupid Things White People Say

  1. L June 29, 2015 at 23:26

    I honestly don’t know whether to cry or laugh at these comments. These comments also seem to echo a lot of what happens when you even acknowledge sexism. I think the “trailer trash drug whore” made me laugh the most.

    I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon :) Francois, haven’t you heard that we live in a postracial, postsexism world?Stop being an evil sex baiter and race baiter!!! If only people would stop talking about problems in the world, then they would magically go away?

    • Francois Tremblay June 30, 2015 at 00:21

      Yea, pretty much. We’re oppressing people by talking about oppression. I’m racist for noticing racism. And so on.

  2. Miep June 30, 2015 at 06:10

    Your OP still comes up right in the top few hits for the song title. Google is too smart for your tricks :-)

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