The Anxiety Culture, and how to fight it…

I have been quite remiss in not featuring this site before. It is an anti-work, anti-capitalism site which concentrates on the psychological effects of work and capitalism on the individual, and how they frame concepts in order to indoctrinate us. Highly recommended. Subgeniuses will find a lot to like about it as well.

3 thoughts on “The Anxiety Culture, and how to fight it…

  1. morag99 July 14, 2015 at 15:45 Reply

    Ah, I haven’t looked at this website in years. So, it’s time to dig into again — I could really use the balm it offers right now, as I’m feeling quite anxious and hopeless about work. And it’s hard to find good anti-work resources, isn’t it? Thanks for the reminder!

    (I’m curious: were you inspired to post this link because of those god-awful people on that blog post about enforced positive-thinking? Shudder.)

    • Francois Tremblay July 14, 2015 at 16:27 Reply

      Hahaha no, that wasn’t the reason. I actually have a queue of a few months on this blog, so things I post have no relation to recent events.

      I’m glad you like the site. It really is a very good site.

  2. oopster74 July 15, 2015 at 01:24 Reply

    Reblogged this on oopster74 and commented:
    I notice that they don’t have any mentions from “The Daily Mail” on the faq page, they must be too busy writing about the billions of immigrants hijacking lorries in Calais headed for the UK to make time for them.

    I’ve only had a read of the faq page so far before commenting, and will give its a few days reading, but I already get the feeling, that while it might be truthful in what it publishes, sometimes ignorance can be bliss (my moods can be brought crashing down to earth far too easily sometimes).

    Thankfully, after 18 months on the dole, I started a new job just over 3 months ago. Easy enough to do, and decent money, but I’m 200 miles from home and have almost no time to myself to do the hobbies and interests I have, but without a job, I don’t have the money to do the hobbies and interests I have, so I guess based on that then I’m a wage slave too. Veering slightly off topic (so apologies for that), what I found really annoying when I wasn’t working, was that because I had worked for over ten years solidly, and had paid into the system all that time, that when it came to claiming benefits (JSA or ESA at the time), I was put on “contribution based” benefits rather than “income related”. Now up until last year I didn’t really know the difference between the 2, but assumed that contribution put you in a better position, which isn’t the case. I got the same weekly money, got the same housing benefits as someone on income based, but any time I needed a little extra help like a budgeting loan or similar, I was told that I wasn’t entitled as I was on contribution based benefits rather than income based, so because I’d paid into the system, I was worse off than if I hadn’t, which pardon my language, really pist me off! But, like I’ve already said, I’m working again now, so lessons learned (hopefully), and I’ll know better for the future.

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