Fake private courts, and other possibilities…

Something Awful had an article about a case where a corporation set up a fake court to intimidate debtors, and opines on what other possibilities there might be for fake governmental functions.

Vend-a-DMV. Small booth placed conveniently right outside the real DMV. Insert ten bucks, enter your information into the computer, and sit in the booth while your picture is taken. Add an extra five dollars to receive a clergy or handicapped provision. You can play video poker while you wait for your license to be developed. Sure, you might get in trouble with the cops if you get pulled over, but don’t worry, the same company that owns Vend-a-DMV also owns the fake-real-prison you’re going to be sent to for vehicular manslaughter.

Fake FDA inspectors. Trained improv actors are ready and waiting to have a look at your hog bunging machine. What’s that? Listeria on the innards outflow nozzle! Ha ha, don’t worry, this guy was a Groundling. He doesn’t know listeria from a banana, but if you give him an animal, a vacation spot, and a famous actress he will construct a two or three minute skit to amuse your line crew while your FDA approval certificate is printing.

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