Americans are amongst the most ignorant about their own countries.

Of all Western countries, Americans scored second on how ignorant they are of the demographics and politics of their own country. I think a lot of this has to do with how stupid watching television makes you. Television is so harmful to your intelligence that it should probably be classified as self-harm.

But Americans have even less knowledge of what their country actually looks like. For example, they think that 24% of girls ages 15-19 give birth annually. The actual percentage is 3%.

The U.S. also estimates that 32% of the population is immigrant (it’s 13%), that 15% of the country is Muslim (it’s 1%) and that 32% of us are unemployed and looking for work (it’s 6%).

The only thing the U.S. got right was the percentage of people who vote, 57-58%, and life expectancy, around 80 years.

Alarmingly, the U.S. is ranked second on the “index of ignorance,” following only Italy.

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