TEDxJaffa — Daphna Joel — Are brains male or female?

One thought on “TEDxJaffa — Daphna Joel — Are brains male or female?

  1. OutlawSage October 31, 2015 at 00:12

    Well it’s another study done on rats and applied to humans. But what she is saying is that there are differences between men and women but they can be inverted under stress. It doesn’t go very far for suggesting men and women are not fundamentally different. I think two things can be taken from this though: one, that every person is completely unique in terms of the traits of their brain, and really in every other aspect. But even better she said the best thing I’ve heard in a while, that when speaking of “science” stuff, which most people talking about it don’t understand at all, it is more logical to use terms like ‘sparse’, ‘clustered’, ‘high density’, ‘muscle/fat ratio’ and stuff like that as opposed to you know ‘male’, ‘similar’, ‘smarter’. In fact that should be a new rule, if someone doesn’t use specific scientific words and instead just says ‘biology’ or ‘science’ or other vague terms to describe specific things like physiology or body chemistry it means they don’t know what they’re talking about. I love it when people talk about their biology. Their biology what…lecture?
    Ever notice how in the current biological reductionist fad everything is relative? Bonobos are between us and chimps in intelligence apparently. I would have thought they were completely different than each other, and in turn different from us but that’s science for you. And they say that their social structures are more like ours than chimps are, as if that isn’t a completely subjective observation. Amazing.

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