The Pope, transgenderism, and the marginalization of lesbians…

Hypotaxis wrote an entry about the way lesbians and feminism in general are being pushed aside in favor of pretty-sounding ideology. Flash, no substance, just like the new Pope, same as the old Pope.

The Catholic Church is an industry, an opportunistic microcosm (not so micro, really) of male domination.

Like The Who so famously said: Meet the new pope; same as the old pope.

And yet, this “cool pope” is a perfect analogy for what we see happening as women’s colleges are undone, women’s art censored, women’s spaces destroyed, feminists derided, porn and prostitution celebrated, and lesbian identity erased in the name of “progress.”

The other night, my wife and I watched an old documentary, Last Call at Maud’s (it’s good, you should watch it) and we got to talking about how spaces like Maud’s – a lesbian bar – no longer exist. We got to talking about how prophetic some of the dykes in the film sounded when they wondered where dykes would go, what would happen to lesbian culture, what would happen to our need to be “seen” as women who love women. Frankly, some of what they said – twenty plus years ago – was chilling in light of what’s happened in recent years to lesbian identity, lesbian space, and lesbians in the LGBT (honestly, it’s just “GBT”) community.

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