Sex-positive feminism is racist to its core.

sex-positive feminism is racist as all get-out

it focuses on white women trying to dispel the “purity” myth while completely ignoring, and in the process actively harming, women of colour who have been hypersexualised since birth

and then those white women reclaim slurs like “slut” and “bitch” in order to make themselves seem less pure, less safe, less well-behaved—completely disregarding the fact that the ability to do the ‘pure and innocent’ act is a hell of a lot more than is afforded to women of colour, who are labelled sluts and bitches just for existing

until people (read: white men) stop exotifying, fetishizing, and hypersexualising women and girls of colour, until women and girls of colour are no longer expected to be available for the consumption and subsequent disposal of white men, until the rates of rape and sexual assault for women and girls of colour are not several times that of those for white women and girls, and until girls of colour are no longer denied their childhood due to sexualisation at very young ages, I’m going to find it very hard to give a fuck about white women whining about been seen as inherently pure

One thought on “Sex-positive feminism is racist to its core.

  1. storyending November 19, 2015 at 02:52 Reply

    Please be careful about demonizing white women. They are reacting (strangely, but predictably) to what men have done to them throughout time. Radical feminism is also primarily a ‘white women’ thing too, supposedly, and despite that group being positive, we are also demonized and threatened for it.

    There is a growing movement coming from men of all colours, MtT’s, and WoC to use white women as the scapegoat for everything wrong in the world, despite them having very little actual power. More and more, I read and hear the ‘rape the white b*****es’ mantra coming from all corners. It is highly disturbing, and posts like yours feed in to this growing hatred. I know it is easy and irresistible to not give a fuck about women and their ‘whining’. I actually do think the issue they’re talking about is serious, though I don’t agree with their response to it. I’d never call it ‘whining’.

    Please criticize the sex-pozzie movement, yes – it is a front for ALL men’s interests, not white women’s interests – but know that it hurts all women, whites included. Whites are sexualized as much as all other women, but it manifests in different ways in different places. This is not something you can see as a man. Trust me, rape is horrible for all women, not just WoC. We all bleed and bruise and have nightmares and feel suicidal and blame ourselves and stay silent – we are all united in this. And as much as I really hate the sex-pozzie movement, I don’t blame women for other women’s victimization. They are not ‘actively harming’ WoC. That’s all on the men. Men of all races.

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