Coming clean.

I just want to clear something up, for the sake of people reading this blog who might get the wrong impression of me.

I am not a particularly intelligent person. I am a very open-minded person, which makes it much easier for me to change my mind when I am proven wrong, and this does give the illusion of me being much more intelligent than I really am. I also have a very good command of English (I’ve always been good with languages). Most importantly, I read great books and great blogs, and the entries I write are based on those things I read. All credit goes to those writers, not me.

I started writing this blog as an incentive for me to write about my train of thought as I was discovering new ideas. That’s all I’ve been doing since then. This blog is not original, and everything stated here has been stated somewhere else, most of the time in a better way. I wanted to publish these entries so that other people might benefit from my process as well, but the blogs listed on the right are all better than this one, and I would strongly invite you to visit them regularly instead of this blog (or if you must, along with this blog).

I deeply apologize if anyone’s gotten the wrong idea about me as a person by reading this blog. The fact is that I am really not a smart or clever person. This is not false humility or a joke or a ploy for sympathy or anything like that. I just want to come clean, tell the truth, and not mislead anyone, if anyone has been misled. If you look up to me in any way, please don’t, as there is no reason for it. Whatever you think about me is most probably incorrect.

I’ve taken down the Ask a Question section. Starting that section was an error. I have no answers to give people that haven’t already been given somewhere else. It was just vanity, which is deeply stupid.

As for the rest of the blog, everything will continue as scheduled. Thank you.

(I apologize for closing the comments, but given the contents of this entry, I don’t really see how further discussion would be profitable.)

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