Men are role models for women.

Transgender advocates are preaching that their version of womanhood is superior to that of actual women. But they do so only at the expense of actual women’s freedom.

Masculinity and femininity are both bullshit notions. What is deemed masculine, what is deemed feminine – these are nothing but human behaviors. Males can be highly emotional but we’ve filed “emotional” underneath “feminine” so as to trivialize it. Males can like sparkly pink skirts and lipstick, but because we’ve relegated this aesthetic to the realm of the feminine, it is deemed “silly” and “prissy.” We equate femininity, and its coded behaviors and preferences, with weakness and frivolity – and yet, women (and only women) are supposed to be subsumed by these matters. When they show themselves subsumed (because how else to garner male approval in the hierarchical structure of gender?) we delude ourselves into believing that this is a natural state: Women are silly, trivial, frivolous, petty.

Conversely, females can be physically strong (watch any female Olympic lifter, martial artist, or gymnast) but we’ve relegated physical prowess and powerful musculature to the realm of the masculine. Females can be interested in auto mechanics. Females can be highly logical, a quality gender ascribes to the realm of the masculine. Females can also be serious and stoic. And none of these characteristics have jack shit to do with our DNA; our physical, biological reality.

What we do, as a society, when females and males blur these lines, employ behaviors, or follow interests that do not “fit” with the category their biological sex has socially placed them in, is we label them “anomalies” or “transgender.” We claim we can “fix” the male child who wants to grow out his hair and wear his sister’s sundress. We claim the butch dyke who likes tinkering with cars probably has a male brain. We work really hard, and the medical community is fully on board, to preserve gender norms. And transgenderism is a way of preserving gender norms and calling the oppressive mandate “subversive.”

Do we believe that some folks feel better, more comfortable, more “at home” in their bodies by presenting as women when they were born male? Yes, of course. And we support individuals’ decisions to present in a way that feels most “right” to them – but we do not, and will not, buy into a belief in “girl brains.” The very idea of “girl brains” is nothing more than a form of eugenics that’s been used against women (and racial/ethnic minorities) for many centuries in order to deprive us of bodily autonomy, education, votes, and anything else a human needs and wants to enjoy full humanity.

9 thoughts on “Men are role models for women.

  1. stchauvinism December 9, 2015 at 20:52 Reply

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  2. Cindy January 11, 2016 at 16:54 Reply

    Check out this thread Francois:

    You will have to scroll down a bit but you will know it when you see it.

    It is about transgender access to women’s private spaces.

    There are so many facepalms. I just need to vent. They banned me for being ‘offensive’

    BTW, did you know that:

    1) it is acceptable if a low % of women are raped per year, in order to protect MTT TW from harm

    2) that men won’t rape women in women’s bathrooms/shelters etc cuz porn

    3) that it’s ok to force women to look at penises, because ‘they are just fleshy tubes’

    4) intact transmen will be just fine in male prisons because it’s not like anyone ever has the opportunity to see the genitals of other prisoners like EVER

    I cannot believe how deluded ‘progressive’ feminists are. It is more apt to call them regressive feminists.

    They have lionized trans to the point of absurdity.

    • Francois Tremblay January 11, 2016 at 17:20 Reply

      Oh yea, Love Joy Feminism. I go there occasionally for the anti-Quiverfull content, but not for the politics, I can tell you that. I disagree with her on many things, including her support of trans. I am not surprised that this happened. I am not surprised that they are adamant in refusing to identify the perpetrators. Standard liberal practices.

      • Cindy January 11, 2016 at 17:55 Reply

        I am familiar with the site rules. But I was banned for being ‘offensive’

        I made a point of saying that I was totally pro-trans, for people who actually transition, but that I was concerned about men who will, based on nothing more than the nebulous concept of ‘gender identity’ claim to be women so that they can access women’s shelters/bathrooms/changerooms/prisons etc. Men who look like actual men and are intact. Men who are sexual predators. I made this very clear.

        That was too offensive for them to take. What they don’t understand, is that the trans movement will be hurt when rapists lie about being women and do in fact rape. They are so deluded. They have put transwomen especially on some sort of pedestal. They don’t realise how many of them are actually just fetishists. One poster even said that people who claim to be transwomen are completely harmless and have never been a threat and will never be a threat. Ever. Period. End of discussion. Acknowleding that this is not true = bigotry.

        I think that I told you about my experiences there last week. That I got them to say that prostate cancer is a woman’s health issue, and that pregnancy is a man’s health issue, and that they should be regarded as such by the medical establishment.

        And you know how they are always saying that gender and bio sex are social constructs right? That we need to forget about genders/sex/genitals and just go by feelz, right? So, I asked, surely the right thing to to do would be to abolish the concept of gender and sex all together? To force society to move in that direction, since, as they claim biological sex is a social construct that literally kills MTTs? Well, they found that idea offensive, and told me that we must keep gender/sex roles because otherwise how will MTT be able to overcome oppression?

        Yeah. Wrap your head around that load of bullshit, Francois.

        BTW, I posted here about a year ago, under a different nym I think. We talked about abortion then.

        LTNS,and I hope that you are doing well.

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