re: Questions For Inmendham on Intrinsic Value

One thought on “re: Questions For Inmendham on Intrinsic Value

  1. Brian L May 7, 2016 at 22:09 Reply

    So, I’m watching this video, because I’m curious to observe Immendham’s behaviour more than anything else, and I shut it down after he used the word ‘sentient’, because it struck me that that was the problem non-antinatalists have in understanding what antinatalists talk about. And that is, regular folk cannot step outside themselves to observe human behaviour, even as a mind experiment. And they find terms such as ‘sentient’ to define themselves as regugnant, though the term is accurate. I ran into this a few months ago when speaking with an otherwise rational physicist a few months back, and spoke of each of us as ‘extants’ (the presently existing). That’s all it means. Yet, instead of reading what I had to say, he reacted badly to being called an ‘extant’ by me, though he’s otherwise rational, and the term is far from disparaging.

    Anyways, just a random thought that came to mind while watching the video, but I think it leads to some truths about being able to accept, or not accept, rational arguments, if you can’t step outside yourself.

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