Amongst trans advocates’ crimes… the erasure of women from history.

Jonah Mix deplores, and for good reason, how trans advocates attack female figures from history by redefining them as trans men. It’s nothing more than another attempt by men to erase women from history. Woman-hating in its purest form.

This endless search backwards through time to find evidence of transgenderism relies on the most viciously conservative ideology possible, in which women displaying any form of intelligence, power, strength, and courage – you know, those personality traits that feminism exists to say are not inherently male – become evidence of manhood. Queers, either intentionally or not, aid the patriarchy by erecting incredibly rigid definitions of womanhood and manhood in a self-serving quest to catch as many people outside the boundaries as possible. It never seems to occur to them that maybe, just maybe, they can only sustain their community by reifying the “gender binary” they claim to hate so much.

This other article of his is also very relevant to the topic.

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