Comparing the pro-pornstitution stance to the pro-gun stance.

Jonah Mix wrote of a great similarity between the arguments of pro-gun people after school shootings and the arguments of pro-pornstitution advocates.

The conservative defense of mass white male armament rests on the assumption that enough target shooting and antique collecting can, at some point, compensate for the tragedy of daily mass shootings. The liberal defense of prostitution assumes the same exchange, with male sexual fulfillment weighed against the rape and murder of women and girls. Both are, at their heart, claims that a white man’s right to his hobby rests on equal ground with another’s right to life…

But what prostitution and the proliferation of firearms do share – beyond a legion of hateful white males equally invested in both – is a fundamental asymmetry of effect. A good day at the range can help you relax. A bad day at the movie theater leaves two women dead. Yet the NRA discusses them in the same breath as though they are capable of equal weight on our ethical scales. Defenders of prostitution make the same fallacious comparison. The Good John leaves behind a particularly impressive tip; the Bad John leaves behind a raped and murdered woman.

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