Liberalism laissez-faire is authoritarian in nature.

Independent Radical makes a lot of great points in this entry about the nature of authoritarianism, agency, and the role of permissiveness in oppression. Liberals are nazis, basically.

One problem with this relativistic approach is that it cannot account for changed minds or regret. If everyone were a perfect authority on what was good for them (practically or morally), no one would ever willingly do something and decide afterwards that what they did was unwise. To change one’s views or regret an action is to contradict one’s previous beliefs. If infallible beings actually existed, they would never contradict themselves.

Liberals respond to this problem by claiming that remorse is always (emphasis on “always”) a product of “hateful”, “moralistic”, “sex-negative” social norms that infect the mind with “shame”. Of course, when other movements claim that “brainwashing” (or rather indoctrination) occurs in our society, they are accused of “denying agency”. Well, the liberal notion that all regret (or “shame”) is caused directly by social forces and never by a rational assessment of one’s actions (in accordance with common values, like equality and kindness) sounds like an appeal to “brainwashing” to me. That said, I do not belief that all “brainwashing” claims are false. In fact the view that society indoctrinates people into rejecting liberalism or feeling shame might make sense were our culture not dominated with pro-sex, pro-hedonism and generally individualistic messages.

Furthermore the belief that every individual is an infallible authority with regard to their own actions, forces people to accept contradictory moral propositions. Two people, in the same exact situation, might make conflicting assessments of an action (one might label it as morally acceptable, while the other labels it as unacceptable.) If everyone were an infallible moral authority, both views would be accurate. Such contradictions can be solved only by employing relativism. Liberals claim that behaviours which may not be right “for you”, are nonetheless right “for him” or “for her” and thus we should not attempt to prevent actions undertaken by others (even if such attempt consists of nothing more than publicly expressing your objections to an act).

2 thoughts on “Liberalism laissez-faire is authoritarian in nature.

  1. Independent Radical March 25, 2016 at 05:21 Reply

    I was deprived of the ability to effectively use the internet at the time when this was posted (thanks in part to the fact that I was forced to spend almost a month under the iron fisted rule of all so loving and compassionate traditionalist housewife who whom I was brutally oppressive with my horribly evil thoughts). I’m glad to be back online now. Thanks for bring attention to my work during that time.

    • Francois Tremblay March 25, 2016 at 16:16 Reply

      Hey, you know I really admire your work. I’m always glad to point out great entries of yours. Glad you stopped peddling your horribly evil thoughts in real life instead of on the Internet where they belong. ;)

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