The Onion satirizes conservatives’ support for the second amendment.

From Clickhole: It’s Our Duty To Support The Troops And The Second Amendment In Case We Ever Need To Kill Them All

That’s why I believe that, regardless of politics, it’s everyone’s duty to support the troops, and also to support the Second Amendment should the day come when we need to overthrow the government and kill those troops.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your stance on military action is. You need to remember that our soldiers don’t set foreign policy—they just follow the president’s orders. It’s crucial that you put aside your personal opinions, honor the brave men and women in uniform for their service, and also be ready to exercise your Second Amendment rights to shoot these heroic soldiers if it comes right down to it. Whether or not you support war, every soldier is a hero and a potential threat if the White House ever decides to come for our guns.

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