Paying someone for sex is not consent.

Purple Sage exposes the ridiculous “sex-positive” belief that paying someone for sex represents a form of consent.

In consensual sex, both partners have freely chosen to be there and are having sex for the joy of it—not to gain an external reward or avoid a punishment. Both partners care about each other’s needs and desires and communicate to each other what they would like. In consensual sex, participants find out what their partner wants, either by asking, or observing their body language, and they avoid doing anything their partner doesn’t like. No one has to dissociate and no one feels disgusted. They feel joy and excitement. This is not at all compatible with prostitution, which is a system that allows men to use their money and power to coerce cooperation from a woman in order for him to get what he wants.

There are many more ways that women are coerced into saying yes to things they don’t want. Wives say yes to their husbands even when they don’t feel like it to avoid having discussions about it. Women are taught that we are responsible for keeping husbands happy and that he will cheat if we say “no.” And husbands do cheat if their wives don’t submit to their every whim.

If sex pozzies cared about making all sexual interactions consensual, they would abolish all the social institutions and cultural constructs that coerce women—such as compulsory heterosexuality, femininity and masculinity, the pornstitution industry, BDSM, traditional marriage, and patriarchy in general.

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