Idiot of the Month: “EgregiousCharles”

I just have to shake my head at this abysmally stupid comment posted on my entry against Cliff Pervocracy’s advocacy of BDSM.

This is the attack of a guy who is against BDSM on a submissive transmasculine person who spent most of his life as a woman and has forgotten more about the experience of BDSM subs than you’ll ever know. He apparently “abuses” from his powerful position tied up with things stuffed in his vagina. Funny how “abusers” hide their true names, huh. I used to follow him when he was a her and I was interested in feminism, before I realized the left is utterly without compassion or pity on anyone who is genuinely different not just demographically different. Great reminder why I left.

We never wanted you, dudebro. We never wanted you.

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