Clickhole pokes some fun at religious people and Creationists.

A nice trick by Clickhole, as they manage to satirize religion in two different ways in the same entry: The Stories In ‘The Flintstones’ Are Powerful, But They Probably Didn’t Literally Happen

We may never know whether the woodpecker who played Fred’s records with its beak really said “It’s a living” afterwards. We weren’t there. And ultimately, it doesn’t matter if Wilma never actually used a tiny elephant as a vacuum cleaner, because the core of the show—a flawed but hardworking caveman who cares deeply for his family and pet dinosaur—remains intact.

These stories aren’t just about the Stone Age—they’re about us. It would be a mistake to dismiss the entirety of The Flintstones just because Fred didn’t literally slide down the tail of a brontosaurus after he was done with work. These stories are merely metaphors for the deeper truths in our lives.

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