Introduction to Gender is War

Gender is War is an anti-transtheory blog I’ve been following, because the subject is of great interest to me. I really like that more and more women are standing up to these gender bullies.

We don’t need more theory. Theory here is so simple you can’t avoid stubbing your toe on it: Transgenderqueerpomo is just a trendy name for patriarchy. It hurts everyone, but it hurts women, and especially lesbians, most of all.

But we do need to introduce a new generation to this theory.

We do need blogs, and wikis, and social networking, and especially lots of You Tube videos, to counter the enormous pressure coming from the Internet to transition.

Above all though, we need to leave the virtual world and plant our feet on real dirt.

We must get gender critical support groups on the ground in every major city and at every major campus, ASAP. This is urgent. The bodies of a generation of young lesbians, as well as gay men, are being thrown into the transwoodchopper. Even when they don’t want to transition, they see no way out. We must save lives.

We need leaflets and leafleteers, to reach young people on the ground, and we need an online infrastructure to aid in the creation of live-on-the-dirt gender critical support groups.

We need support groups for families ripped apart by the transpocalypse. Right now, nothing exists to support the families. It is largely heterosexual women who have been affected this way, though also lesbian and gay families are being affected.

Easy to overlook, but urgent: we need a fund, and a material support network, for partners and children who need to leave but who have nowhere to go.

We cannot expect that the existing shelter system will help these women. We have to assume, unless proven otherwise, that the existing structures have been compromised by inclusionist nonsense. While this may sound like an insurmountable task, it is not any more insurmountable than it was when my generation had to invent the system from scratch.

We need to reach women — even conventional women — who have no idea any of this is happening. Once women understand that all this ends with kinky men exposing themselves (and worse) in women’s bathrooms, there will be no more mainstreaming of the transpocalypse.

We need to reclaim women only and lesbian only space. The transpocalypse could not be harming young lesbians so severely had we not lost so much. We have to start where we started years ago: small groups and home meetings. We also have to think like an insurgent movement again.

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