The hypocrisy of liberals complaining about gun rhetoric…

Johan Mix points out that, while the responses of gun rights advocates are tired and inadequate to address the United States violence crisis, liberals don’t do any better with pornography.

The pathetic cycle of condolences, blame-shifting, and silence that took place in the porn industry was indistinguishable from the same dance that takes place weekly in this country on the issue of gun violence. The Frisky, where his sex column was hosted, quickly denounced him, but their condemnation spent no time reflecting on why exactly a man who put out Butt Bang Bitches II and Asian Slut Invasion was given a platform to opine on women’s sexuality in the first place. The non-state torturers at proudly announced in their statement against Deen that “consent and respect are sacrosanct” for them; however, the question of whether or not it’s appropriate to continue waterboarding, electrocuting, and battering women for a sexual thrill was strangely absent. The libertarian website Reason even published this article – a bold critique of critical thought – that literally demands we “stop connecting the dots” in the wake of his abuses.

I can’t help but feel like a gun control advocate scrolling through the NRA’s tweets the morning after a mass shooting. But where they might ask why a man with mental health issues or terrorist connections was allowed to buy a gun, I would ask instead: Why was a man who joked about rape allowed to claim status as a feminist? Why did the multiple industry witnesses to his rapes keep quiet? Why did so many women suffer his abuse and not feel comfortable speaking out? And perhaps most importantly, why are any of us surprised when a man rapes, having spent the last eleven years simulating it for a sexual thrill? Liberals bemoan the inability of conservatives to draw the obvious connection between a hypermasculine gun culture and explosions of random violence. So why are they still throwing up their hands in confusion when the star of Assault That Ass is accused of anally raping a female acquaintance?

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