Strategic Butt Coverings – Tropes vs Women in Video Games

6 thoughts on “Strategic Butt Coverings – Tropes vs Women in Video Games

  1. L June 28, 2016 at 23:38 Reply

    This is an interesting video. I don’t play video games, but from what I’ve seen and read gamer culture seems to be pretty misogynistic. I can’t imagine the hate that the woman in this video gets.

    • Francois Tremblay June 28, 2016 at 23:55 Reply

      It’s definitely worse than you think. A LOT worse.

      Basically, imagine how much flak the average woman gets for going after a “masculine field” and multiply it by ten.

      • Kendall June 29, 2016 at 12:56 Reply

        Haha I remember hearing about Anita Sarkeesian years ago from my super misogynstic brother ranting about her on his Facebook. I looked her up because I think my brother is truly moronic and wanted to see what she had to say and became an instant fan, hahaha! I don’t think that was his plan when he started ranting about her.

  2. Heather July 4, 2016 at 06:32 Reply

    I’ve watched all of her videos. Anita Sarkeesian is my hero!

    • Francois Tremblay July 4, 2016 at 14:24 Reply

      Her persistence in the face of almost unanimous hatred on Youtube is certainly courageous. But she has gotten some validation from real life as well.

  3. Leo July 4, 2016 at 13:18 Reply

    As a female gamer, I honestly don’t find it to be that bad, not worse than culture just in general – which is highly misogynistic anyway. I think it’s more helpful maybe to frame it that way, otherwise it seems as though gaming is singled out as being notably bad while other aspects of culture may be as bad or arguably worse (ie. a TV show like Game of Thrones objectifying real live women), and all need addressing. Unfortunately it’s gotten a lot worse than it used to be within the community, because backlash. Unfortunately some liberals criticising games, and I think that included Sarkeesian at first honestly, came across as not very knowledgeable about gaming, gamers (and that included female gamers) distrusted their intentions and their sincerity, and I just found the kind of conversations I’d been having about feminism for well over a decade with male gamers with no real issue became more difficult to have. It’s still a minority who are the really shockingly misogynistic ejits though, but they’re very loud and obnoxious. Sarkeesian has to deal with a lot of that unfortunately, plus some are anti-semitic too (she’s not Jewish but they’ve made that mistake) it seems like, must be difficult.

    Overall a good video, Sarkeesian has improved a lot from the earlier ones I think. The context and counter-examples helps get the point across more clearly, though genre/gameplay will influence aspects like camera angle. I’d kind of bet though that the equal-opportunity objectification, that she understandably says isn’t the answer, is more likely to actually happen, to an extent at least. A lot of Japanese games already include stuff (ie. swimsuit clad male butts) intended to appeal to female fans/male attracted people, which seems to be appreciated. The male attracted female gamers are usually the ones who make a lot more fuss over the attractiveness of characters honestly, to male gamers it seems like they’re so used to being catered to they can overlook it or something. I know that’s not really the point, but I’m not sure it always discourages/prevents relating to characters.

    Sorry if that was too long! : )

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