Americans are not “polarized.”

The blog Occasional News and Commentary looked at a survey which shows that most Americans agree that capitalism has gone too far. This is not an issue of polarization but of people v the power elite.

2 thoughts on “Americans are not “polarized.”

  1. John Doe September 18, 2016 at 00:17 Reply

    It’s always been that way ever since the founding of the so-called culture wars. It’s always been one over-privileged part of society versus the under-privileged. I feel that if weren’t for the first amendment, this cycle would have been broken ages ago, as much as you’re probably tired of hearing me beat a dead horse.

  2. John Doe September 18, 2016 at 11:56 Reply

    Since we are on the subject of polarizing politics, I’ve been doing some thinking lately and I think I could use your input.

    The thing is that I think I’ve lost my ability to care about anything. America continues to commit atrocity after atrocity after atrocity on itself and others, and I cannot express legitimate outrage without being labeled an “SJW.” It’s gotten to the point where showing my emotions, whether it is love or hate, is totally pointless.

    It doesn’t just concern America, it also concerns the internet. I find that the internet openly facilitates a culture of utter assholery that celebrates negativity, cynicism, and cruelty. This came up after talking about and playing, of all things, Sonic the Hedgehog with my older brother. I was discussing the nature of the franchise’s fandom and we both agree that everything has gone completely to shit. We both wonder why, even though a number of Sonic’s games have not been exactly up to par, that people despise him so much.

    I’ve been reading about trolling and I’ve begun to wonder what exactly the hell the point of it is. It’s not funny and it’s not original, it’s old. I’ve been trolled and bullied mercilessly from the beginning of middle school till the end of high school. Everything that I did was taken and transformed into meme and spread throughout the internet.

    Speaking of which, South Park continues to fade into irrelevancy by talking about Colin Kaepernik, creating nothing original. I find it to be a program for trolls by trolls. What pisses me off the most is that these people will always play the free speech and “it’s all in good fun” card whenever they are met with actual criticism, as if they are absolute.

    Anyway, I’ve been wondering if I should just give up on both America and the internet and let them both destroy themselves. They’re both profoundly useless and serve as nothing but the epitome of egotism that I would love to see knocked down a peg or two. What should I do?

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