Body hatred is universal, and so are the quacks exploiting it…

purplesagefem makes an interesting comparison between limb-lenghtening in India and untested transgender surgeries.

Hmm, the surgery is risky and might cripple people for life, but they threaten to commit suicide if they don’t get the surgery, so doctors are performing it anyway. That sounds familiar too!

“Though he has performed the surgery successfully on hundreds of people, Sarin admits: “It’s madness to do it.”

Still, he feels successful limb lengthening can transform a person’s life: “You can barely recognise them. It’s worth it when you see how much their self esteem grows.”

It’s completely mad to risk being crippled for life by lengthening your limbs, but it’s worth the risk because their self esteem improves? Unfortunately, that sounds familiar too.

3 thoughts on “Body hatred is universal, and so are the quacks exploiting it…

  1. John Doe October 7, 2016 at 22:17 Reply

    Hatred of the body has always been the modus of right leaners. Just a while ago I learned that Suzanne Wright, a founder of Autism Speaks passed away from cancer.

    As an autistic, I couldn’t be happier! :D

  2. John Doe October 9, 2016 at 19:33 Reply

    I’m sorry if I completely missed the point. I was just saying that I have no compassion whatsoever for anybody who feels that diverts from the norm is equal to cancer.

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