A fetus on social media.

One thought on “A fetus on social media.

  1. John Doe October 10, 2016 at 20:49 Reply

    I feel so sorry for the fetus, I really do.

    A long time ago I was venting out on Yahoo about South Park and being used as target by the media, and everyone pretty much called called me sensitive. I have really grown to actually hate humans now. I recall my days in the fandom of Sonic the Hedgehog when people would argue over which generation had it best. However, most people from both outside and inside the fandom, instead of looking for a way for both sides to come to terms and consider the best of both worlds, advocated censorship instead by having everyone “respect each other’s opinions” and stop arguing.

    Life is nothing but one big fat cycle of absolutes where if you call out something, you are immediately a sensitive butthurt PC thought policing SJW.

    I hate it.

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