The male experience of sexuality and procreation is so ignorant…

Dumby at Freudian Nightmare wrote an amazing entry about the falsity of the evolutionary psychology view of the world, and the views of men about procreation in general.

Those Evo Psych dudes really get my goat. They seem to forget that the reproduction of the species absolutely does not require all individual animals of that species to reproduce. Its just a potential of individuals. What does this mean?, simply that all animals have a choice to use this potential or or not. We do not die from not reproducing. We do not waste away for lack of sex. Its not like food, shelter, or sociality. Choice is actually built in. Evolution is not just the sum total of biological selection because on top of all of that, individual animals are making choices to reproduce or not based on environmental circumstances. It is more like a collective consciousness.

We have a narrative that humans have never before understood reproduction or where babies come from, not until now. Not until science and modernity. Westerners like to deride people who don’t “know where babies come from”, its a euphemism for calling someone an idiot . The ironic thing is that western culture doesn’t know where babies come from. It is we modern humans, male culture, who does not seem to understand reproduction. Many men believe that reproduction is required, that evolution requires their participation, that sex is a human right or need. That contraception meets a need that has always existed. That sex is really only real when it risks unwanted reproduction.

Why is that the real kind? Specifically and precisely because that is the male’s experience of sex when they control it. Its telling of their ignorance that they fly boat loads of condoms over to third world countries, where they rain down, in their minds, like golden tickets to freedom. But babies and overpopulation do not come from lack of contraception.

2 thoughts on “The male experience of sexuality and procreation is so ignorant…

  1. John Doe October 13, 2016 at 02:11 Reply

    I just got done watching The Boondocks episode “Return of the King.” This is exactly how I feel as a questioner. I sick to death of being exploited not just by our enemies, but our entire culture at large for fame and money. I remember seeing a video on YouTube featuring a gay guy knocking down the current LGBT community. I don’t remember much and I can’t find it anymore, but he said that was a time when LGBT’s understood the true meaning of the term “YOLO” before Lady Gaga started exploiting the ever loving fuck out of us.

  2. bacopa October 13, 2016 at 17:45 Reply

    Maximal reproduction of all members of a social species is not universal in nature. Adult female wolves are able to suppress young females from going into heat through dominance behavior.

    Humans have menopause. A female human can serve her genes better as a helper and an agent of cultural knowledge. Males also experience a decline in reproductive function, though not as sharply as females. Patriarchy has allowed men to father children like Baron Trump that would be unlikely in “wild” humans.

    Some whales have menopause and low male fertility. At some point it’s better to teach the pod than to care for offspring.

    And among humans, why not have the occasional hard working gay uncle or lesbian aunt?

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