There has to be some kind of realistic standard to evaluate gender theories.

A theory is supposed to help you modelize reality in some limited aspect, and help you understand it. If your theory is that anything goes, then that’s a shit “theory.”

If your gender theory tells you that you need to do surgery on your genitals so that your external appearance matches society’s stereotypical view of how people should behave, then maybe it’s time to abandon the idea of gender altogether and recognize that biological sex is a reality, but that our personalities (and bodies) are fine just the way they are.

If your gender theory tells you that a person who has been given male privilege starting at 3 months – and has made use of that privilege for his entire life – has more insight into what being a woman really is than people born and raised as women their entire lives, then your gender theory is giving men an expert status over the one thing that up until recently they weren’t considered experts on. Groundbreaking!

If your gender theory tells you that a woman must put a penis in her body in order to prove that she is a lesbian, then your gender theory is rape apologia barely disguised and you should be ashamed of yourself.

If your gender theory tells you that penises and vaginas literally don’t exist, then your gender theory is literally insane.

Look, people. Have whatever personality you want. That’s great. Dress how you want. Do it all! But don’t tell me that a person who acts feminine, whatever that means, must now be a woman, and a person who acts masculine, whatever that means, must now be a man. That’s enforcing a strict code of behavior, not releasing us from bonds. You’re actually more conservative than the conservatives! Think about it, please.

6 thoughts on “There has to be some kind of realistic standard to evaluate gender theories.

    • Francois Tremblay October 13, 2016 at 21:29 Reply

      Hmmm. It’s something to talk about, I guess. I will have to write something about this nonsense, because it’s sadly all too common in trans advocacy.

  1. Sundazed October 14, 2016 at 00:11 Reply

    “If your theory is that anything goes, then that’s a shit “theory.”

    oh, yes indeed.
    transgender ideology and its connecting politics is some of the worst nonsense to come out of the western world in modern years.
    Its what happens when people strive to be “different and unique” in the abstract without really changing anything. We live in a society at this point almost completely lost to the abstract its nuts.
    “you can be anything you want” they say. No in fact I can’t. I can be a human male because I am a human male. Beyond that is just personality and/or abstract thinking that I then project value upon. I can be an asshole, nice, happy I can dress in various kinds of clothes. I can wear make up or not. I can have long hair and short hair and so on and so forth but I can’t really be anything else than what I was born as.

    Sometimes I wonder where all this comes from? But I think to a great degree we are a flock animal. We are social creatures and we live in a world today, a society in which there is no way your voice is heard at all. Among friends yes, but in the larger whole its impossible. Here I think we can find part clue as to why we, as a society, seems to go more and more insane by the minute. This strive to actually be heard. That your voice will mean something. I think that is part of what we need as a species but it only works on how we used to live. Tribes and other forms of smaller communities that used to be how we actually lived.
    Under nationstates its impossible. In US alone there is about 365 million people. Good luck having your voice matter there. Here in Sweden its roughly 9.5 million way less and yet impossible to have your voice heard.
    I think in all this we can find part answer as to why stuff like transgender ideology and so on pops up. Its a insane reaction to an insane situation.

    Sorry I went off topic I think.

    • Francois Tremblay October 14, 2016 at 00:18 Reply

      Hello Sundazed, it’s nice to talk to you again! I have been thinking about that as well. Voting, statistically, doesn’t really change anything, no matter how passionate or honest your positions are. Clearly, we live in geo-political units that are far, far too big for us to have any impact on the environment we live in. I think that beyond the level of the city or urban area is just extraneous stuff which would be better dealt with by a federated system. Anything is just too big, and the city as a unit is still too big for some more localized issues.

      While a majority of people prefer to maintain the illusion that their voice matters, many of us take refuge in interest groups and sub-cultures. It doesn’t really help, but at least you feel like you’re doing something meaningful.

      I think the destruction of meaning in our cultures has a lot to do with it. With patriarchal religions, people were content with their meager existence because they had the carrot of the afterlife dangled in front of them. What we need is freedom in the real world, not in the next.

      • Sundazed October 14, 2016 at 06:44 Reply

        aloha! nice you find it nice to chat. I love reading this blog even if I don’t always comment on everything but you write well and has interesting thoughts. Radical with a heart! :)

        I agree with everything you wrote there not even sure what else to put in there. Your last line is beautiful “what we need is freedom in the real world, not in the next” so much yes.
        I would say that could be implemented into our psyches as well. I don’t care if I have freedom to call myself a woman (which don’t actually make me one since the word woman is actually based on a biological reality and not an abstract/social construction) or wear long or short hair and so on. That don’t make me free that make me a prisoner in my own mind because its only in my mind I have the right to live making up things that I would say goes on the verge to look like a psychosis.
        My physical self, my flesh and blood ie me is still not allowed to just be.

        • Francois Tremblay October 14, 2016 at 15:16 Reply

          Gender affects everyone in a multiplicity of ways. There is no one who is not affected by it. In my view, there can be no freedom for the adult if the child doesn’t have freedom, and that includes freedom from gender.

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