MRAs are faggots, basically.

Mancheeze discusses how the form of ultra-masculinity connected with gay men is also endemic to the “masculinists.”

The gay male art of the 50’s and 60’s by Tom of Finland was a focal point for this change. His art emulated the homoerotic images of the Nazis in their pressed uniforms, ripped muscular structures, with large penises. They were the ultimate symbols of virility, power, and performance in which the ‘true man’ resides. It was an edict to completely reject anything related to ‘feminine’ gender because women, and hence ‘femininity’, didn’t have power. Chiseled features, muscular bodies, and the constant desire for sexual domination became the gendered vision of gayness and manhood.

We can see the same striving for the ultimate masculine over at A Voice for Men. The same image that gay male culture holds dear is precisely what Paul Elam prescribes and sells to his followers.

Sadomasochism was crucial to gay culture because it clearly delineated the weak from the strong and masculinity depends on a weak object (women, children or sissie boys) upon which to enact its will and exist. Capitalists noticed this shift in gay male culture and gay S&M porn was born. Sexual prowess in the form of public sex with as many men as possible was also critical since the more sex you had without any interpersonal ties, the more manly you became.

We see Elam engaging in the masculine fantasy by playing the dominant over his submissive followers. He abuses them, calls them ‘manginas,’ psychologically shaming them, and they come back for more just like submissives in the gay clubs who are initiated into manhood by being fisted, urinated upon, and debased publicly. This is how men prove their manhood. Just yesterday Elam posted a video of a man in his garage tinkering with a car. He titled the video a ‘Manly Man.’ On Twitter, Elam questions the manhood of other men and writes articles teaching men how to ‘man up.’

2 thoughts on “MRAs are faggots, basically.

  1. John Doe October 19, 2016 at 00:05 Reply

    Like I said, if there is one thing that this country excels at, it’s objectification and exploitation.

  2. John Doe October 19, 2016 at 11:34 Reply

    Censorship is starting to sound fairly ideal right now, even I believe it only occurs if it is committed by the government. I shouldn’t have to tolerate people who get in the way of my own personal liberty, even if it earns me the label of a politically correct thought policing bully. My kind have proven themselves to be a bunch of fucking pushovers who would gladlt kneel down and let whoever be their master.

    Even if I were straight, I would say all of this.

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