Feminist media is run by men.

Meghan Murphy exposes feminist media as a scam run by men.

So. All these sites that dominate the conversation with regard to women, sexuality, and the feminist movement today are, 1) American, 2) Funded by men, 3) Owned by men. Many are funded by billion dollar corporations like Google and Time Warner. Is it any real surprise that these platforms seem not only have zero connection to the independent women’s movement, but also refuse to take a stand against prostitution and pornography? Particularly when many of them are partnering directly with the sex industry? (Lest we forget, Amelia McDonnell-Parry, the editor of The Frisky, hired rapist porn producer James Deen on as a writer but slandered me for questioning the idea that sexualizing and objectifying transwomen in the pages of corporate beauty magazines is somehow “empowering” or “groundbreaking”…)

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