The Inherent Sexism of Gender Indentity

The title here is predicated on two truths of those who push ‘gender identity’ over biological sex.
1. A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman
2. There is no such thing as biological sex
I’ve already posted on the circular and nonsensical reasoning of 1, but I’ll quickly reiterate.
If a flibart is anything which identifies as a flibart, explain what a flibart is.
It is not possible.
The only way that we could explain the properties of a ‘flibart’ is if there was already a shared common understanding of the term ‘flibart’.
So if we already know that a flibart is a small red rectangular solid, then we can understand that further: a flibart is ALSO anything that identifies as a small red rectangular solid. (I’ve decided a flibart is sentient because this is my analogy :) )
So if we take that as understood, then we know for the first phrase to have any meaning, the term ‘woman’ must have an already understood common understanding.
So, what is the shared meaning of ‘woman?’ Onto 2.
2. There is no such thing as biological sex.
With this statement it’s clear that the shared meaning of the term ‘woman’ can not be related to biology. A woman is not a grown female human, because there is no such thing in this ideology.
So I repeat, ‘what is the implicit shared understand of the word ‘woman’ which must exist to give any credence to the first statement?’
There are two possibilities that I can see, a vague ‘feeling’ or the adherence to gendered behaviour and social norms.
This ‘feeling’ from my readings from non dysphoric trans people seems to be presented as ‘a feeling that I am more suited to the gendered behaviour and social norms of the opposite sex.’
So really then it boils down to ‘a woman is someone who adheres to the gendered behaviour and social norms required of the female sex.’

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