The similarities between trans advocacy and recovered memory fraud…

youthtranscriticalprofessionals makes a powerful comparison between the fraud of recovered memories which prevailed during the nineties and the current fad of children becoming trans-aligned.

1.) Victims of false memory syndrome and many transgender kids are orienting their identity and relationships to a false belief
2.) False memory syndrome and the transgender child trend involve highly sensational subjects that involve children and sexuality.
3.) In both FMS and the transgender child trend, the media played a key role.
4.) Both movements created high profile “stars.”
5.) Both movements have been fueled by hysteria over immediate peril of children
6.) Therapists played a significant role in the promulgation of both movements.
7.) Governmental and professional organizations have bought into the movement’s narrative.
8.) The concept has penetrated deeply into popular culture, including children’s picture books
9.) Because the false belief relies on self-diagnosis, it is impervious to contradictory evidence.
10.) Both movements were spread by social contagion which relies on the very human trait of suggestibility.
11.) Interestingly, in both cases feminists were the some of the first and most outspoken skeptics

2 thoughts on “The similarities between trans advocacy and recovered memory fraud…

  1. sarineal November 28, 2016 at 21:31 Reply

    There is a significant difference though, for instance ‘recovered memory’ was the province of a subset of therapists who were ‘true believers’. It was never mainstream medicine or fully accepted by the medical and psychiatric community nor were there any hospitals setting up ‘recovered memory clinics’ set up to perpetuate the falsehood.

    In this regard, what we are seeing today is many times more dangerous.

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