The justice system is not your friend.

Ian Walsh makes an obvious point, but it seems a lot of people, even many radicals, never get it: the justice system is not your friend.

Police and corrections officers are paid not just in money but in license to brutalize. In most cases, they can get away with beating people up and even killing them. To stop a police officer from skating on murder requires riots, as a rule, and even that doesn’t usually work. The FBI has cleared themselves of every killing an FBI officer has performed for decades.

This is not incidental, this is not an accident; this is how our lords and rulers want the enforcement system to run.

Police are selected and trained and socialized to either become thugs or to cover up thuggery. Imbeciles will say things like “not all cops,” but it is virtually unheard of for the “good cops” to inform on the bad cops–they keep their mouths shut. This is wise on their part, of course, because the vast majority of police would turn on them in seconds if they were to betray the blue wall of silence.

2 thoughts on “The justice system is not your friend.

  1. John Doe December 3, 2016 at 03:09 Reply

    I entire systems from government to justice to employment are all purposefully designed to fail black people, I must repeat. They were always seen as things and not human beings.

  2. Sundazed December 3, 2016 at 06:54 Reply

    Liked the view on cops. I also seen this comment on cops that while they do a little “make up” job as helping out to try and catch a burglar or murderer and stuff like that for the most part they are in service to protect the rich from the poor. They are there to make sure the powerful gets their way while the nonpowerful gets the boot.
    They are there to ensure for example a forest corporations right to log, not the defend the peoples right to protest that logging operation.

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